Scenics: New Mexico

Angel Fire and Surrounds

Angel Fire is nestled in the majestic Moreno Valley, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. Surrounding mountains range from 11,086 feet of Agua Fria Peak on the south end of the valley to 12,441 feet of Baldy Peak at the north end of the valley. Wheeler Peak, at 13,161 feet, the highest mountain in the state, forms the northwest boundary of the valley.

Winter temperatures are generally moderately cool, averaging in the mid-teens in the early morning to mid-thirties in the daytime. Our average annual snowfall is 140" in the valley and over 210" on the summit of the ski area. Our average annual precipitation in spring and summer is 7" with moderate temperatures, varying from early morning lows in the mid-thirties to mid-afternoon highs of 75 degrees with very low humidity levels.

Ranch at Angel Fire

Ranch at Angel Fire